Plant a Tree for $2.50

I am incredibly excited to announce the ability to plant trees directly through Ecobound. Anyone can plant a tree as little as $2.50.

I created Ecobound to raise sustainability awareness and provide resources for individuals and businesses to focus on environmentally friendly activities.

As I began learning of the harmful effects businesses like mine caused the environment, I knew I had to do something to combat the damage that was already done. Ecobound was the start of that solution. You can see throughout this site of my dedication towards providing resources to help make us a more eco-friendly planet.

But that was not enough, I wanted to create an actionable way for both myself, and readers of the Ecobound community to make a difference in the environment in as simple as a couple of clicks of a mouse.

As of today, I have partnered with multiple reforestation organizations all over the world to make it incredibly simple for individuals to plant a tree online.

The Ecobound goal is simple, with the help of our readers, we want to plant 1,000 trees all over the world every month of the year.

Why Care About Trees?

reforestation trees

Throughout my research towards an eco-friendly life, the most common cause for a vast majority of the environmental issues are due to deforestation. While the planet is currently planting more trees than we are cutting down, the ratio still is not high enough. As I began learning more about trees, I started falling in love with the intricacy they have within our environment.

Trees provide our ecosystem with incredible resources. They act as nature’s air purifier, as their bark and leaves absorb harmful pollutants found in the air and release clean oxygen. They create homes for insects, fungi, bacteria, moss, plants, and animals. A single tree can act as its little habitat, as well as joining in a much larger one in forests and jungles. Trees capture rainwater, reduce the risk of natural disasters such as floods and landslides, and their deep roots help filter pollution from the water that absorbs into the ground.

Why Plant Trees?

Reforestation organizations all over the world are providing work for local communities, all while aiding in increasing the natural habitats that grow after the trees are planted.

As a society, we rely on trees for both their positive ecological benefits, as well as the products they produce. They provide people with shelter, wood for cooking and heating, and food-producing trees give us some of the best fruits, nuts, berries and leaves this planet has to offer.

By planting trees, we are giving back what we have already taken and reinvested in our planets future sustainability.

Plant Trees with Ecobound

The average American will burn 16.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. While we strive to identify ways to cut our individual polluting on a daily basis, we will inevitably burn way too much. Some will opt to focus their entire life on finding ways to decrease their amount of CO2 burned, others will build businesses and organizations to help save the world, but for the everyday person, with a job, a family, and not enough time, they will struggle to make a difference truly.

We can outfit our homes with solar power, reduce our meat consumption, buy reusable and not disposable, but at the end of the day, our actions will only lower our carbon footprint, and but never remove it entirely. By planting trees to make up for your environmental impact, you can not only instantly live an eco-friendly life, but you can give a lot more to this planet than what you are taking.

The goal of Ecobound is to plant 1,000 trees every month; If we reach this goal, as a community, by the end of the year, we will have planted 12,000 trees!

You can become a part of the incredible community of like-minded individuals working towards achieving this goal. The cost of planting a tree is $2.50, which is less than a cup of coffee.  

If you’d like to plant just one tree a month, that is great, but if everyone who signs up can plant only six trees every month, we will be able to reach our goal of 1,000 trees each month in no time!


Join Our Incredible Community

If you’re ready to get started and be a part of this incredible community of Ecobound warriors, click the link to get trees planted!.

Where Are The Trees Planted?

North America

British Columbia, USA
California, USA
Colorado, USA
Oregon, USA
Florida, USA


Myanmar (Coming Soon)



South America

Amazon Rainforest

If you’d like to plant trees in one of these locations, click here to get started.

If you still want more information, check out the FAQ to help answer some of your questions.