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We want to make as big of a difference as we can on this beautiful planet we call home. Join us on our quest to plant a thousands trees every month.

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Planting Trees
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Did you know trees can communicate with one another in a forest? When one needs assistance, other will share nutrients via an underground internet built by soil fungi.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Ecobound is a website created by Sam Boyd, an entrepreneur who has spent the last five years building businesses that are bad for the environment. This blog highlights his actions towards reversing the negative impacts his company created and offers guidance to others wanting to do the same.

Ecobound is partnered with multiple reforestation organizations all over the world. When you signup to plant trees with us, we will ask you where you would like to have trees planted. We pool all of the funds collected and send it to the reforestation organizations so they can begin the planting process.

The best time to plant trees is during the rainy seasons, so time will vary depending on the area you chose.

Before we partnered with all reforestation organizations we vetted them to ensure they were a legitimate organization. All organizations provide us with photographed updates via their photo stations that are set up at all planting sites. These stations utilize GPS coordinate tagging, which allows us to see the trees as they get planted.

This is a single-man operation and I am committed to getting as many trees planted as possible. If you need to cancel your order, I will cover the cost of your planting personally to ensure our dream is made a reality.

We would love to hear from you! Please visit our contact page if you have more questions or ideas.